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Insulated Thermal Box Liners

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Insulated thermal box liners are lined with reflective metalized film to keep temperatures consistent during transit while protective bubble lining cushions your items. Cold chain products are commonly used for mailing or packing perishable food, flowers, and pharmaceuticals via 1-2 day service*. Thermal box liners may be used with or without a cool pack inside.
We have recently switched to a lighter-weight brand that performs better than the old brand. You can still order the old brand in sizes 12x12x5.5" and 12x12x12". However, we suggest the lighter-weight brand to save money on postage and the product.


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  • Meets USPS requirements - Postal Approved
  • FDA Approved
  • Protective cushioned bubble lining is lightweight to save on shipping costs
  • Tear-resistant & water-resistant
  • Made to fit the box sizes listed below
  • TIP: Freeze thermal box liners prior to use to keep items cooler for longer!

Additional Information

*Thermal box liners are not intended for use over long periods of transit time. MailersUSA cannot guarantee the condition of your delivered product due to variations in transit time, weather, handling methods, improper packaging techniques or original condition of item being shipped. For questions, please contact us.

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