Benefits of buying mailers that are made in the USA

Ordering mailers from an online resource is a fast and efficient way to stock up on shipping supplies for your ecommerce business. It is very convenient to simply point and click, then have the supplies you need delivered to your doorstop. But have you ever stopped to pay attention to where those online mailers you order in bulk are manufactured?

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Head-to-head Matchup: Mailer vs. Box

The two most popular shipping materials in today's ecommerce marketplace are plastic mailers and cardboard boxes. Aside from the cost of packaging, there are other important considerations when choosing the best way to package and ship an item.

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How to choose the right ecommerce shipping mailer

All mailers are not all created equal! How to choose the right ecommerce shipping mailer.

There are plenty of places to order shipping mailers for your ecommerce business, but not all mailers are created equal in terms of features and quality. Choosing the wrong type of shipping mailer can be a costly mistake. What should you be looking for in ecommerce shipping mailers?

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