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Scentlock Cushioned Mailers

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Scentlock Cushioned Mailers are ideal for mailing products such as hemp, edibles, CBD oils, essential oils, or perfumes. Made from barrier films for maximum odor-blocking protection, our mailers keep the scent of the package contents undetectable. These mailers also provide cushioning protection and water resistance. The discreet design allows you to mail your valuables without attracting unwanted tampering. Additional features to keep contents safe and secure include an integrated child-deterrent zipper and a permanent adhesive closure seal with tamper-evident indications for increased security.


  • Protection: Blocks odors and UV light. cushioned, water resistant. and discreet design
  • Security: Tamper-evident adhesive closure and child-deterrent reclosable zipper inside
  • Compliant: FDA materials and processes for food grade packaging
  • Sustainable: Less materials used when shipping a mailer vs. a box
  • Customizable: Custom sizes and printing

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