Leopard Flat Poly Mailers

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    Flat poly bags are designed for shipping non-fragile items that need minimal protection during transit or are already packaged within a protective material. They are commonly used for shipping soft goods like clothing, bedding, prescription drugs, or boxed items like shoes. Don't settle for cheap, low quality packaging. Our products go through rigorous quality testing to ensure quality standards.
  • Highest quality & durable with exceptional puncture resistance & tear strength
  • Self-seal adhesive closure is tamper evident & will not re-open once sealed
  • Labels adhere securely
  • Anti-static release liner won't static cling to you
  • 2.5 Mil durable Polyethylene film
  • Opaque for privacy
  • 100% Recyclable
Try our returnable version with two seals so you can use it twice. Hassle-free returns for your customers! Recycle by reusing!
Dimensions are subject to these manufacturing tolerances: Width: +0.375”/-0.125” Length: +/-.25” Flap: +/-.5”


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#1 MUSP21011 Leopard Leopard Flat Poly Mailers #1 6.25 x 9" 1,000 FREE SHIPPING

Regular Price: $87.99

Now only: $85.99

  • 5+ for $83.99 /case
#3 MUSP21013 Leopard Leopard Flat Poly Mailers #3 9 x 12" 1,000 FREE SHIPPING
1+ for $104.99 /case
  • 5+ for $97.99 /case
#6 MUSP21016 Leopard Leopard Flat Poly Mailers #6 14.5 x 19" 250 FREE SHIPPING

Regular Price: $69.99

Now only: $67.99

  • 5+ for $65.49 /case