Flat Poly Mailers


    Flat poly bags are designed for shipping non-fragile items that need minimal protection during shipment or are already packaged within a protective material. They are commonly used for shipping soft goods like clothing and bedding or items packed within a protective package like prescription drugs and shoe boxes. Don't settle for cheap, low quality packaging. Our products go through rigorous quality testing to ensure quality standards.
  • High quality & durable with exceptional puncture resistance and tear strength
  • Self-seal adhesive closure is tamper evident & will not re-open once it has been pressed closed
  • Labels adhere securely and easily.
  • Anti-static release liner won't static cling to you
  • 2.5 Mil durable Polyethylene film
  • Opaque for privacy
  • 100% Recyclable
Dimensions are subject to these manufacturing tolerances: Width: +0.375”/-0.125” Length: +/-.25” Flap: +/-.5”


Quality Good - C/S needs helpReview by Richie
Order was sent and cost included shipping. UPS failed to deliver on time and as a result there was a delivery failure and shipping should have been refunded to MAILERSUSA. I needed the product and had to go to Staples to get temporary mailers and felt at a minimum I should have gotten the credit that the company should have gotten from UPS to go towards that unnecessary purchase (unnecessary had the product been delivered on time by UPS). I wasn't asking MAILERSUSA to pay for something. This was something that should have been coming from UPS. The C/S person from MAILERSUSA was not at all cooperative. (Posted on 5/24/2017)
what size is it?Review by Shipper
Can you specify is that cm or inch for all pages in your website I would help for sure. (Posted on 8/16/2016)
Size and price exactly what I was looking for.Review by Matt
Perfect size and price for my product. Very durable. Shipping labels adhere better to the poly bag then a cardboard box. The poly bags were exactly what we were looking for. (Posted on 11/4/2015)
Flawless online purchase everytime!Review by AJ
This is a great company with quality product and fast shipping! Purchase any item from MAILERUSA with 100% confidence! (Posted on 9/29/2015)
Great Product!Review by wftda_coach73
These have saved me a ton of money on shipping costs! (Posted on 11/28/2014)
Great product!Review by BLTFYIC
I ordered a case of the 14"x19" mailers and am very pleased. Absolutely love the free shipping and free sample! Thank you Mailers USA! (Posted on 8/23/2014)
Great value for the priceReview by James
Seals great easy to handel and doesn't add a lot of weight for shipping. Have even had customers comment how happy they have been since I switched to these over the old ones I was useing. Protects my products very well from the elements and just add cardboard and will keep things safe from bending too. Very happy with my choise to use these for my mailings!!!!!!! (Posted on 4/1/2014)

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SIZE SKU Color Product Name Inside
Shipping Price Qty
#1 FlatPoly1 White Flat Poly Mailers #1 6.25 x 9" 1,000 FREE SHIPPING
1+ for $62.49 /case
  • 5+ for $60.49 /case
#2 FlatPoly2 White Flat Poly Mailers #2 7.5 x 10.5" 1,000 FREE SHIPPING
1+ for $67.99 /case
  • 5+ for $65.99 /case
#3 FlatPoly3 White Flat Poly Mailers #3 9 x 12" 1,000 FREE SHIPPING
1+ for $74.99 /case
  • 5+ for $73.99 /case
  • 15+ for $70.99 /case
#4 FlatPoly4 White Flat Poly Mailers #4 10 x 13" 1,000 FREE SHIPPING
1+ for $96.99 /case
  • 5+ for $93.99 /case
#5 FlatPoly5 White Flat Poly Mailers #5 12 x 15.5" 500 FREE SHIPPING
1+ for $62.49 /case
  • 5+ for $60.49 /case
  • 15+ for $58.99 /case
#6 FlatPoly6 White Flat Poly Mailers #6 14.5 x 19" 250 FREE SHIPPING
1+ for $49.99 /case
  • 5+ for $46.99 /case
  • 15+ for $44.99 /case
#7 Flatpoly7 White Flat Poly Mailers #7 19 x 24" 125 FREE SHIPPING
1+ for $36.49 /case
  • 5+ for $35.49 /case
  • 20+ for $30.99 /case
#8 Flatpoly8 White Flat Poly Mailers #8 24 x 24" 125 FREE SHIPPING
1+ for $42.99 /case
  • 5+ for $40.99 /case
  • 20+ for $37.99 /case
#9 Flatpoly9 White Flat Poly Mailers #9 24 x 36" 100 FREE SHIPPING
1+ for $59.99 /case
  • 5+ for $57.99 /case
#10 Flatpoly10 White Flat Poly Mailers #10
2.75 Mil Polyethylene
30 x 36" 100 FREE SHIPPING
1+ for $115.99 /case
  • 5+ for $106.99 /case
  • 20+ for $95.99 /case