If you operate a home-based business that involves mailing packages to customers, working with a wholesale shipping supply company can help you keep more of your profits. Biodegradable poly mailers can get expensive, but you can find these supplies and more in bulk at a wholesale shipping supply company.

Some of the shipping supplies that you regularly need include biodegradable poly mailers, large padded envelopes, boxes of all sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap and other supplies to protect the shipment. The supplies you use should tell the customer that you care about keeping his or her items safe while they are enroute. There is nothing worse for a customer than to receive items that haven broken during transit.

You can save the most money on shipping supplies by working with a reputable wholesale dealer. Before placing your first order, you will probably be asked to complete an application that includes your business identification number. This lets you know that the shipping supply company is legitimate and that you are getting an actual discount over what the prices that other customers have to pay.

One concern that many people have when getting a package delivered is how to deal with home protection dogs. These animals are only doing their jobs when they bark at the delivery driver bringing packages, but excessive problems with home protection dogs can cause the driver to not stop at your home. You can avoid this by keeping your dog in a kennel when a delivery is expected.