Students can make hundreds of dollars by selling used textbooks online. The problem is that many students fail to make the effort to sell their books online. They take the pay cut and sell books back to a campus bookstore instead. Campus bookstores are notorious for ripping students off in giving cash back for books. Why is it that so many students continue to sell books to bookstores rather than through online book resale stores?

One reason is because students have no idea how to ship textbooks. They do not know how to wrap a textbook and quickly send it across country. These students should consider using 3m supplies in sending books abroad. Buying a pack of bubble mailers wholesale can ensure that a student never has to sell another book to the campus bookstore again. Using bubble mailers wholesale will help a student quickly ship books in a safe way. Books will not become damaged when students use bubble mailers.

3m supplies can be purchased at discount stores. A student can buy these bubble mailers in large packages from a major department wholesale store. He or she can also buy them from a dollar store.

When mailing books at the post office, a student should inquire about any discounts that the post office provides for shipping books. A student may be able to save a bit of cash in mailing books due to these discounts. He or she can also receive a confirmation code to make sure that the book arrives on time.